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Causes of a sore throat

Causes of a sore throat

A sore throat can definitely be a nuisance especially if it happens often. This article intends to show that there can be more to a sore throat than merely; you possibly getting the flu. There can actually be many causes of a sore throat, but have you ever been in this situation?

Causes of a sore throatThis morning I woke up with a another sore throat; I must be coming down with a cold. The funny thing is it is summer and blazing hot, so how can I be getting flu now. Flu in summer…Really? What is also strange is that this is the third time this week that I have a sore throat, and I haven’t gotten sick yet. In winter I barely have to cough and I know I will be sick in bed the next day. This must be a different type of flu then, I hope it’s not something serious.

The above is an adaption of a conversation I recently had with a friend, but the fact is that it has probably happened to you before, and yes it has also happened to me. I remember a few months back I woke up with a sore and dry throat, but I did not think I am coming down with flu again, experience taught me differently. The first thing I actually did was turn to my wife and asked; “Don’t tell me I snored again last night, I thought I was over it?” Thermometer

You see the fact is, if you wake up with a sore throat, it is not necessarily that you are getting the flu or that a cockroach climbed into your throat the night before; it could merely mean that you snored your pants off that night.


How can a sore throat be snoring?

Think about it, with the amount of strain that snoring puts on ones throat area, is it any wonder that you can have a sore throat from time to time.

What is snoringSo I previously explained what snoring is, and you can read the full What is snoring article. Briefly though; snoring is caused by air ‘trying’ to move through a partially or almost totally blocked airway, thereby also making the snoring sound.

Like I said this is just a brief explanation, and there is more to it, so make sure you read the full article.

This pressure on your throat muscles caused by the air trying to move through your airway can dry your throat which makes your throat feel sore.

We are not meant to have dry throats, and it feels uncomfortable if we do. If for example you are thirsty, your throat feels scratchy or itchy and can even feel a bit sore, that is because your throat has dried out and it needs something to make it damp and normal again.

Now let’s look at an example; try singing for a couple of hours without taking a break, to rest or to drink something. Chances are you will be left with a dry and sore throat. Your throat would have gone through a lot of strain and naturally would then dry up and become sore. So we can say one of the causes of a sore throat could be excessive singing or rather excessive use. The same counts for the strain that is put on your throat because of snoring, and it will naturally then dry up and become sore.


Stop getting a sore throat

OK so you sometimes get a sore throat, so what can you do about it? Well for one thing, you can stop snoring. OK I know it’s not as easy as that, and you can’t just stop snoring over night. There is however natural ways to stop snoring which can go a long way in alleviating you’re snoring. These natural ways include things like no drinking and smoking especially right before bedtime, losing weight and sleeping on your side.

As I said in the above linked post; natural ways to stop snoring can also be seen as changes in your lifestyle. If for example you like to Lifestyle Changesdrink a ‘few’ drinks after work, perhaps after a tough day, the lifestyle change could be to ensure that you stop drinking three hours before you go to bed. I am not condoning drinking but I am only advising how you can alleviate your snoring.

I am also not criticizing smokers when I say that if you smoke close to your bedtime you may be snoring that night and could wake up with a sore throat. If you smoke, you have to be aware that smoking close to bedtime can cause you to snore and also have a sore throat. This will probably not happen every night and then could lead to the misconception that “it must be something else causing my snoring”.

It has been proven that people who sleep on their back are more likely to snore than people who sleep on their side or stomach, because lying on your back tend to block your airways more. Why else would your partner wake you up in the middle of the night and tell you “turn to your side you are snoring”, so it must be true then. 🙂 That does not mean sleeping on your side will prevent you from snoring, no it only means there is less chance of snoring when sleeping on your side.

So how can you start sleeping on your side if you have been used to sleeping on your back for years? I use a hard pillow that I place behind my back, while I know there are others that swear by the tennis ball trick, in which you tie a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas that will stop you from rolling over to your back; ouch. The problem with that trick is; what if you sleep in the nude, where do you tie the tennis ball?

There are also other things that you can try to stop snoring and stop having a sore throat, such as anti snoring devices like specifically anti snoring mouthpieces. Breathing through your mouth sometimes aggravate snoring, so many mouthpieces are designed to prevent mouth breathing and thereby eliminating snoring and many of the causes of a sore throat, while still ensuring that you breath normally. A anti-snoring chin strap can also help as it keeps your jaw closed during sleep.


Learning to change

Never to old to LearnI hope you learned something today and that you never get a sore throat again, but if you do, I hope you learned that a sore throat could mean something other than just a cold or flu symptom, and that it could mean that you are snoring.

To recap; if you snore your mouth and throat could dry out, causing your throat to feel soar and irritated. Try to institute some or all of the life style changes and see if it makes a difference, purchase a anti snoring device if you need to and see if that works for you. Some people also say that you should drink a glass of water before you go to bed, so you can try that too.

Are you also experiencing a sore throat from time to time? Have you been told that you sometimes snore? Do you really think it is just a coincidence?

The point is; one of the causes of a sore throat could be that you are snoring, make the changes in your life that you need too, to make your life better. Please leave your comments below, I love to hear from you.



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