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Snoring facts and cures for you


Causes of Snoring

Causes of Snoring

There are many general causes of snoring, but you may be surprised to know that many of these could actually be avoided by just making simple changes in your daily routine. Snoring can however also be caused by some physical abnormalities in your airways and soft tissues of your throat which needs a diagnoses from a medical practitioner to identify.

When you sleep, the tissues (soft palate) and muscles in your mouth, throat and even tongue becomes naturally relaxed. This relaxed state can cause your airway to narrow or partially block. When your airway is partially blocked it can vibrate, creating the snoring sound. Obstructive Sleep ApneaThe snoring sound can be seen as a way for your body to show you that it is struggling to breath properly.

There are however steps you can take to cure or reduce your snoring

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It can also happen that your airway could be completely blocked, which then means you could have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea comes in three varieties and is a very serious condition, which requires an immediate medical examination. Do not play with your health.

Some causes of snoring could be when you are overweight, have a blocked nose, allergies, sinuses, excessive alcohol consumption, and the anatomy of your mouth. As far as the anatomy of the mouth is concerned, this could include things such as people who naturally have a narrow throat, an enlarged uvula, and large or problem tonsils.

Watch the following video for a quick overview of some of the things that causes snoring.

More Snoring Causes

The following factors that lead to snoring are important to take note of, to ensure that you identify and eliminate the issues that cause your snoring. Some causes are reiterated because of their importance.

Sleeping Position: People who sleep on their back tend to snore more because as they lie on their back their tongue falls backwards into their throat and then narrows their airway which causes a partially obstructed airflow. You should always try to sleep on your side.
Overeating and/or Lack of Exercise: People who are overweight tend to snore more often and more seriously because of the extra tissue in the back of their throat which could narrow their airways. Want to know what food is healthy to eat, read about the Best fat burning foods. Causes of Snoring
Alcohol and Sleeping Pills: Do not drink excessive alcohol at least 2 hours before going to sleep as this can increase your chances to snore. Drinking sleeping pills on a regular basis may lead to increased snoring in some people.
Nasal Stuffiness: People that have chronic nasal congestion are more likely to snore when sleeping.
Mouth Breather: People that breath through their mouth more than through their nose are more likely to snore, as the snoring sound most often originates from the vibration of the soft palate and the uvula, located in the back of the mouth.
Allergy: People with allergies tend to snore more, as their nasal airways are constantly narrower or blocked.
Small or Collapsing Nostrils: This means a narrow airway which causes the snoring sound.
Smoking: Studies have found that people who smoke are more likely to be snorers as well. This is because smoking weakens and clogs the throat.


Is there something wrong with me?

Check the above and make changes if you need to, you might actually have something wrong in your airway passages. Fortunately it is not that difficult to find something to help you these days, as there are something for everybody on the market, which could make it possible to simply control your snoring with self-help remedies and products.

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If however, your snoring does not improve, you should definitely see a medical practitioner for an examination to determine any physical abnormalities as mentioned above. These abnormalities can still be rectified though, but may need more extreme treatment, such as surgery for example. The following abnormalities could be the cause of your problems and need to be identified by a medical practitioner.

• Obstruction in the nasal passageway.
• Mispositioned jaw, often caused by tension in the muscles.
• Throat weakness, causing the throat to close during sleep.
• The tissues at the top of airways touching each other, causing vibrations.


What affects you?

Different people

So, what are the causes of your snoring? Take a look at all the causes above and determine what is relevant to you, and take it from there. Have you found something that affects you more than something else, please share below this article. You can decide on what treatment for snoring could work for you, and try that. Just don’t underestimate the natural behavior things that you can do, which can make a huge difference to your snoring. If you liked this article, please share with all your friends.



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