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Foods that aid Sleep

In my article 10 Ways to Sleep Better I touched on the topic of taking a snack before bedtime to help sleep better. Today I want to elaborate on the different foods that aid sleep. So, if you suffer from chronic or occasional insomnia, or sometimes have to count sheep to fall asleep, read on, it may be the best 3 minutes of your day.

Now, I am not talking about the Sunday meals where you eat so much and fall asleep because you are too stuffed to move. You know the meals where you have to unbutton your pants… while eating.

No, I am talking about the quick snack you can take before bedtime, which will actually help you sleep better. The emphasize is on small snack, and not on a big meal just before heading to bed. A big meal just before bedtime will actually make it harder to get proper sleep.Foods that aid Sleep

There are several foods that you can try just before turning in that could actually help you sleep, but for now I want to only highlight those foods I eat and that have actually benefited me.

Warm milk, nuts, eggs, bananas, honey and seeds are some of the best foods to help you sleep. The reason for this is because they are rich in tryptophan, which actually helps to induce sleep.

Actually all dairy products are foods that help you sleep. These are; milk (warm milk is better), yogurt, cheese, and even butter. The products that are made from these dairy items are also good for sleep, but the more processed it becomes the less effective it will be.

Care should however be taken when eating yogurt, as it actually also causes snoring. I actually eat a small yogurt before bed almost every night, but as long as I don’t eat it too close to bedtime, it doesn’t usually cause me to snore. Of course, because you don’t eat it right before bedtime, you should eat the yogurt together with another snack for extra benefit.


Snack time

I have also previously discussed and explained those so called super foods that can actually help you burn calories while eating. This is not the kind of snacking I am referring to though. If you are trying to sleep at 2 in the morning, the last thing on your mind is losing weight.

For an interesting read though, please feel free to read my article Best fat burning foods.

If you struggle to sleep because of insomnia or you just sometimes can’t seem to fall asleep, you should start eating a small snack just before bedtime; it could make all the difference.

If I have a really bad night; I mix a table spoon of honey and a teaspoon of nutmeg with warm milk, and I will be outSpoon of Honey like a light within 15 minutes.

Try a little cheese on crackers (with butter), or a banana, or a small yogurt. I even sometimes cut a banana into some yogurt; it works like a charm. Of course, don’t forget about my comments about yogurt in the chapter above. So don’t overdue the yogurt.

Another winner is a hard boiled egg, cut in pieces, on a slice of whole wheat toast.

A handful of nuts or seeds just before bedtime, also work wonderfully.

Family of mine, I remember, swore by honey and took a tablespoon every night before bed.


Now go get some ZZZZ’s

Have you found something that you snack on that helps you sleep, please share your experiences below this article.Counting Sheep

Try these foods as a snack before going to bed, and you will be amazed how well they work.

Learning about some of the foods that aid sleep, can surely help you get some ZZZZ’s and stop having to count sheep; unless of course you love sheep and have already given them names.

Don’t worry; I am sure Sheila the sheep will forgive you.

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