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How to Go Back to Sleep

How to Go Back to Sleep

What do you do if you can’t sleep? Or maybe you woke up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Do you need tips on how to go back to sleep when you can’t?

Many people would just try and ‘wait it out’. You keep trying, and concentrate really hard to fall asleep, maybe you even start counting sheep. You end up worrying why you can’t sleep, and then think if you just keep trying it will help. You end up just tossing and turning!

This is probably the worst thing you can do, as your mind will become way to active, and will prevent you from ‘shutting off’.

I was one of those people who would just wait it out, until I learned a few things that actually helped me get back to sleep sooner.

So, what can you do to get back to sleep?

How to Go Back to Sleep

Try this to get Back to Sleep

Keep a Sleep Diary

It is important to know if there is something you are doing wrong. Are you drinking too much coffee during the day or before bedtime? What is your alcohol intake before bedtime? What are your sleeping patterns?

This is where a sleep diary comes in handy. You write down all the things to do with your sleep. Your bedtime and wake time, you’re eating and drinking habits, if you slept well, did you wake up during the night, and even what you watched on TV.

Pretty soon you could see a pattern of things that may affect your sleep. Then it is just a matter of making changes to your routine.


Ignore the Clock

This is probably a human instinct of some sorts. You check theWatching the Clock clock to see how long you have been awake. If you can’t fall asleep, the tendency is to check the clock to see how long you have been struggling, or even to see how much time you have left to sleep.

Don’t do it! You will just add to your feelings of helplessness. As you see the time go by, you will worry that you can’t fall asleep and that the time is running out. This will add more worries to your brain.  If you check the time over and over, your mind will take over and the worries will ensure that you can’t fall asleep at all.


Keep it Dark

When our kids were still young, we used to leave the passage light on at night. So it happened sometimes that I could not sleep because of the light coming into the bedroom. To help me I would just close our bedroom door a little more, and that would usually do the trick.Keep it Dark

Our brains see the light as a signal that it needs to be alert. As a rule, make sure you have thick curtains or blinds in your bedroom, to ensure that no light (like street lights) can get through the windows. If you have to have a night light, make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible.

Light does affect you being able to sleep, so try and avoid having any light if you can.


Stop Trying

To learn how to go back to sleep you first have to learn to stop trying.

Yes I know it sounds like counterproductive advice, but if you can’t sleep; get out of bed. Go to the living room or any other room, and do something relaxing. Maybe watch a little television, or listen to some soft music, or read the newspaper, or even read a boring book.

It works like a charm because you are not forcing your brain to shut off to allow you to sleep. You are actually naturally getting your brain to relax and go into sleep mode.

As soon as you feel sleepy again, go back to bed and try again.


Just Relax

This kind of goes along with the previous entry. Relax your mind by doing something that can get you relaxed.

When you can’t sleep, the tendency is to lie in bed and just keep trying to fall asleep. When you then still can’t sleep, you start to worry about not being able to sleep. You worry how you will cope the next day when you had no rest. The worry puts your brain in hyper drive, and then you really won’t be able to sleep!Relax

Don’t do it, just relax!

If you can relax by watching some television, then do it. I would stay away from horror or suspense movies, unless of course you are able to relax with them. 🙂

A technique that helps many people is to think of something relaxing. You just close your eyes and visualize something pleasant, maybe your last holiday. I sometimes make up a whole movie in my head, but unfortunately I usually miss the ending. 🙁

If you like playing videos games, this could probably also get you to relax; I do this a lot.

Or, maybe reading a book does it for you.

There are several other techniques that people use to get relaxed, things like meditation, breathing exercises, muscles relaxing techniques, are just some of these.

If all else fails: You will be surprised how irritatingly relaxing counting sheep is! 🙁


Something to Drink?

The ‘something to drink’ is not what you might hope for!

No alcohol!Warm Milk

When you can’t sleep though, warm a glass of milk, throw in a teaspoon of nutmeg and a spoon of honey. The warm milk should put you out in no time. I have drunk my fair share of warm milk over the years, and I can truly say; it works.

You may also need to know what you can eat that helps sleep; check out Foods that Aid Sleep for more.


Now Get Back to BedWe can do it

These things have helped me for many years, so I am sure the above techniques will help you too.

Remember, if you have a sleep disorder it is always best to see your doctor, so don’t treat this article as medical advice.

Is there something else you do that helps you fall asleep when it seems you can’t? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Learning how to go back to sleep could take some trial and error, but it is worth the effort. I hope these tips will help you get some sleep.

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