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Snoring facts and cures for you


How to Quit Smoking – and How to Stick to it

How to Quit Smoking – and How to Stick to it

Snoring can definitely be a nuisance in any relationship, especially if one person has to stay awake listening to what sounds like an earthquake.

There are many things that can cause you to snore, just like there are many ways to reduce or stop your snoring. You might have tried many things to stop snoring, but if you are also a smoker, you may be overlooking one important cause of snoring; smoking!

There are many programs on How to Quit Smoking, but not a lot of tips on how to stick to the program when you are on it.

As I discussed in my article, How to Stop Snoring, the key to ending your snoring is to find the cause and then fix it.

So, if you are overweight, lose weight.

If you find your cause to be the drink you are having before bedtime, then stop doing that.

Or as in this case, if you smoke, stop smoking.


It is also logical that ending or changing any of the above mentioned things, can be very difficult, but the rewards are worth the effort.

How many times have you tried to stop smoking only to fail in the first few weeks? Like one of my friends told me; “to ask me to stop smoking is like asking me to stop breathing.”

OK, so you found a good stop smoking program. How are youHow to Quit Smoking going to stick to the program, without giving up after a few days? The first couple of weeks are the most crucial if you are going to stay with the program. Many people quit trying to quit smoking in this period.

So, some tips on how to stop smoking would be helpful, right!? These can be very helpful to help you get through the first two weeks.

After discussing it with my friends that used to smoke, these 8 things seem to come up the most:


Get Support from Friends and FamilySupport from Family

Ask for the support of those close to you, this is very important when you start a program to quit smoking. They can make it easier for you by not letting you fall back into old habits. They can help by getting you to avoid places of extreme temptation.

It will be great if someone in your close circle can become your rock. What I mean with that is, someone who you can call or go to if you feel like smoking. They will be there to stop you.


Write it Down

Write down your reasons for wanting to quit smoking. Write it in easy to read bullet format. Make sure you always have this paper or book with you where ever you go. You can also stick copies of this list everywhere you usually go, so it is clear to see. For example: You can easily paste your list to the inside of a card (birthday, wedding, whatever), and have it stand up on your desk to easily read anytime you want. You can also stick it on the fridge or even against the wall in the bathroom.

It will be worth the effort.

So whenever you feel the urge to fall back into your smoking habit, just read your reasons again. If you worded your reasons strongly enough, it will do the trick of preventing you from giving up.



Have some sugar free gum in your pocket or handbag. If you feel a smoking craving coming, just pop a bubblegum in your mouth. The chewing motion will take the place of the cigarettes.


Stay away from Alcohol for a WhileClosed Sign

I have seen this many times. Friends who have stopped or are trying to stop smoking, suddenly having a cigarette at a party. Alcohol is known for ‘taking off the edge’, and putting you in a relaxed mood. It is also however ‘good’ at getting you to fall for temptations, you can easily lose your self-restraint. Drinking alcohol while you are trying to stop smoking can easily get you back on the cigarettes. Of course another aspect is that people often associate smoking with drinking.

So try to avoid alcohol for at least a month, or just take it sparingly.


Avoid Smoking Areas

When you are desperately trying to stop smoking, the last thing you want is to be in areas where there are a lot of smokers. You might just be tempted to start smoking to avoid feeling left out among all the smokers.

Of course, great friends will not smoke in front of you!


Visit No Smoking AreasNo Smoking

Adding to the advice above about avoiding smoking areas, you should actually visit no-smoking areas. This comes in handy when you get a smoking craving, just go to an area where you are not allowed to smoke until the feeling passes.

You should also make sure you sit in the no-smoking area when you go to a restaurant to avoid any possible temptations.


Stay Busy

Boredom can be a huge barrier to bridge for smokers, especially in the first few weeks. Smokers are used to doing something with their hands when they smoke, so suddenly not doing anything can lead to boredom and the urge to smoke again.

Many of my friends who eventually stopped smoking said they fell for the temptation and grabbed a cigarette purely because they had nothing else to do.

It is therefore very important to stay busy, especially the first few weeks after you quit smoking.

Eat out with supportive friends, go to a movie (or rather a few movies), go sit and read in the library, take up a hobby, go to the gym, etc etc.

The busier you can be, the better.


Avoid Mood Swings

Bad moods or mood swings are just part of being human. A bad mood can especially happen when you change a habit, or can’t do something you have been doing for a long time, like smoking.

Just think; when you sit down for that important match and suddenly the TV goes off, you are immediately in a bad mood.

You can easily say or do something you didn’t want to do or did not mean when you are in a bad mood.

If you are trying to quit something that has been a part of you, you are vulnerable to bad moods.

Many smokers will immediately grab a cigarette when this happens.Happy Place

So, if you do get in a bad mood, which is bound to happen, do something to get you out of the bad mood before you get tempted to smoke again. Do something you love and it will make you happy.

Whatever you like to do, do it, and avoid the vulnerability that goes hand in hand with mood swings.


Patients is a Virtue

The first few weeks is the toughest period when you quit any addiction. There will be many temptations along your way; sorry, but that’s just part of it. You might even act on one or more of these temptations. Grabbing a cigarette when you at your low point, maybe after a tough week, does not make you a failure, it just makes you human.

Just get back in the race, or as they say, get back on the horse!

Try again!


When you fail, you learn from these mistakes. So, if you grabbed a cigarette when you were in a bad mood, you know the next time you should try and do something to get you out of your bad mood, before you grab a cigarette.

Whatever you do, don’t give up!

It will take a lot of patients not only from you, but also from those close to you.

The rewards will be worth the effort in the end!

Have you stopped smoking, how did you do it? Please leave your comments below, I am sure everybody wants to know.

Some of the how to quit smoking programs are quite good, but they can only work if you stick to the program!

Stay safe and get healthy.

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