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Snoring facts and cures for you


How to reduce snoring

How to reduce snoring

Life is a yawn. Yawning is contagious. Try to yawn in a group of people and pretty soon almost everybody around you will be yawning as well. It is Daytime sleepynessactually quite funny unless you yawn in the middle of the night and can’t seem to fall asleep, and then it’s just a nuisance. There is a strange thing we need to talk about today, and that is how to reduce snoring by sleeping more. Another strange thing is you can actually snore more if you sleep less, I realized this from self observance.

Think about it; if you sleep too little, your body is over tired and you will sleep very deeply for the little hours you do sleep, and when you sleep that deeply, your throat muscles may relax even more than normal, and you will likely snore more!

The fact that you are reading this article means that you are already aware and accepting of your snoring and you want to know how to control snoring, which is a great first step. It took me a while to believe my family when they said that at night it sounded as if I was being tortured by some secret government agency, and it took me some more time to try and find out how to reduce my snoring.

Are you waking up tired in the morning, as if you did not sleep at all the night before? It could be that you were snoring, and if this happens several times a week, you could be considered a habitual snorer.

It is truly a horrible feeling having to face the day when you know you did not get enough sleep the night before, you just can’t function properly.

You are then tempted or even inclined to consume energy drinks to make it through the day, which could be bad for you and in any case only lasts for a short period. I have gone through this many times until I found that getting into a sleeping routine does in fact help to get more quality sleep which can in fact reduce snoring, as it did mine.


Get enough sleep

The causes of snoring have been discussed before and are the focus of many people’s journey to find solutions. But, how do you know that you are in fact snoring, do you just believe what your partner and/or family say? There are many symptoms that show whether you are probably a Sleepy Catsnorer, but for the purpose of this article I will only emphasize the following:

• Excessive daytime sleepiness
• Restless sleep
• Awakening in the morning not feeling rested
• Awaking at night feeling confused

Getting a good night sleep is a very important lesson on how to reduce snoring and also have several general health advantages. When you go to your doctor and you are diagnosed with a cold or flu, chances are your doctor will say “make sure you get enough rest”. I have been told this even when I had bronchitis, because sleep is the body’s natural way to recuperate.

The consequences of not getting enough sleep could be the following:
• Difficulty concentrating
• Frequent frustration or anger
• An increased risk of motor vehicle accidents due to lack of sleep


What can you do?

As I already started to say above, sleeping is very important for your body to recuperate, and with the amount of stress and the rush of the modern era, rest for our bodies has become very important to cope with everyday life.

There are many cures for snoring on the market today, some of which are also discussed on this website, there are also natural ways to stop snoring, and several treatment for snoring. The matter I do want to talk about in this article however, is how you can reduce your snoring by getting enough sleep and by following a sleep routine.

Sleeping is of course not a cure for snoring, or one of the causes of snoring, but practicing a healthy sleep routine and habit can help to reduce snoring in some cases, and will also make you feel better during the day. This advice below is by no means complete, but is only intended to show the things that work for me. Alarm clock

I know it can be hard but get in the habit of going to bed at the same time every day during the week, and at the same time during the weekend; the times on weekdays and weekends of course do not have to be the same. You also have to get in the habit of getting up in the morning at the same time, which can also be different on weekdays and weekends.

Using an alarm clock which is set at the same time every day can surely help to get into the right rhythm. The interesting thing is that you will find; if you follow a sleep schedule and go to bed at the same time for a few weeks, pretty soon you will become sleepy 20-30 minutes before your scheduled bedtime, because your body has become used to the time you go to bed and is starting to shut off.

Make sure your bedroom is dark at night with no light coming in, as the light can disturb your sleep. Blinds or dark curtains will work very well to ensure a dark room; if you have to you can even drape a blanket over the window to make it darker. If you have small children and you need a night light, for example in the passage, a good alternative is an auto light which only goes on with movement; another alternative is a touch light which you can stick against the wall to easily turn on when you do need it. These options will ensure a dark room while still having the option of a light when you need one.

Warm MilkThere are some nights that I just don’t seem to be able to fall asleep, and it happens to many people. If that happens you should not force yourself to fall asleep, for example; in the beginning I got so angry because I could not sleep that I actually made it worst by just lying there hoping to fall asleep.

The anxiety of not being able to sleep and my constant looking at the clock to see the time, actually kept me awake longer than I should have been, and the fact that I kept punching the wall probably also did not help. I did find a nice little remedy along the way which works like a charm, try mixing a glass of lukewarm milk, a table spoon of honey and a teaspoon of nutmeg together and drink it the next time you can’t sleep.

So the next time that happens to you don’t stress about it, just get up and take a walk in the house, drink the hot milk as I said, and try again after about 20 minutes.

Stress, depression, worries and anxiety can all prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Try to do Video Gamessomething that relaxes you before you go to bed. If you like reading then read a book before bedtime; if you play computer games then play a game before bedtime. The point is to do something that can make you forget about your worries and that can relax you, don’t go to bed with a heavy load on your shoulders.


Good night sleep tight

There is no need to sleep badly at night, and leave the yawning for the boring meetings. Our bodies need that rest to recharge after the hustle and bustle of our lives, so get a good night sleep and feel better during the day. As I said above that although sleeping is not a cause or cure of snoring, it can still go a long way to relieve your snoring.

What do you think, can a lack of proper sleep wreck havoc on your snoring? Let me know what you think.

These steps are things that worked for me and could be tried by you, but like I always say, you should always seek professional medical advice if your situation is different or does not improve.

It is important to learn how to reduce snoring by getting more quality sleep, because it holds many health advantages. Get healthy and take a step to get closer to solving your snoring problem. Please leave any comments you might have below this article, I would love to hear from you.

How to reduce snoring



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  1. Snoring is common, and actually and yawning like if you see somebody else yawning you is going to start to yawning, but here is some ways to reduce your snoring.

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