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Play the Didgeridoo

Play the Didgeridoo

Did you know that if you learn to Play the Didgeridoo it could cure your snoring and sleep apnea?

Playing the WHATTT? The didge….what?

Yea my thoughts exactly.

The didgeridoo is an ancient Australian wind instrument, which has been proven to cure snoring and sleep apnea.


I also had this remark and other questions when I first stumbled upon the subject of how playing the didgeridoo can cure snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.Play the Didgeridoo I mean, it’s just a musical instrument, and a weird one at that.

This is definitely classified as an alternative cure for snoring, but it can cure snoring and sleep apnea, and you could actually have fun in the process.

Imagine that!

Read the rest of this article to see why this works and how it cures snoring and sleep apnea.


What is a Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo also known as a didge and didjeridu, is a longDidgeridoo Toca Curved cylinder shaped wooded pipe. Wikipedia also describes it as a “natural wooden trumpet or drone pipe”.

The didgeridoo was developed by indigenous Australians from the North part of Australia (Aborigines), and could be the world’s oldest musical instrument; it is believed to originate between a 1000 and 1500 years ago.

Traditionally didgeridoos was played at public ceremonies to accompany dancers and singers. It was also to a lesser extent played in private as a form of recreation.

It is still played today the world over although traditionally only men were allowed to play it in public ceremonies. Today however more and more women are starting to play it, albeit in private and in informal ceremonies.

Traditionally the didgeridoo was made from hardwood and was between 1 and 3 meters (3 to 10 feet) in length, and made from branches naturally hollowed out by termites.

Today the didgeridoo is mostly 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) in length, and made from either PVC, glass, fiberglass, metal, carbon fiber and hardwood manually hollowed.

Didgeridoos are mostly decorated artistically using either traditional or modern paint. Many times there is more effort put into the decoration part than the actual construction of it.


How it Works

It is actually quite easy to understand. Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the tissues and muscles in the upper airway and throat relax and then collapses while you’re sleeping.

This obstruction causes you to snore and in more serious conditions, causes sleep apnea. In essence; the obstruction happens because the throat muscles are not strong enough to keep the airways open.

This is where the didgeridoo comes in.

Playing or blowing into the didgeridoo will strengthen the weak tissues and muscles in your upper airway and throat, and thereby curing your snoring and moderate OSA.

It is not a matter of playing any musical instrument, it is specifically the didgeridoo which cures you, because of what the blowing action does to the muscles in your throat.

It is like; Throat muscle exercises, the fun way.

Do you want prove that it works, check out this video from the NBC’s hit program; The Doctors.

As stated in Wikipedia, The British Medical Journal did a study in 2005 and found that regularly playing the didgeridoo strengthens the muscles in the upper airway, which then reduces the occurrence of a collapsed airway that causes snoring and sleep apnea. This means significantly less snoring and OSA episodes, some participants even experienced a total cure. In the study people were taught circular breathing, which is needed to play the didge.

Circular breathing is what ultimately exercises the throat muscles, and what makes it stronger.

Circular breathing is the technique of simultaneously breathing through the nose and blowing air out through the mouth using the tongue and cheeks, and then vibrating the lips.

It is therefore a continuous routine of inhaling air and exhaling it through the mouth, and before all the air are completely exhaled, you inhale again and repeat.


It sounds complicated

All this sounds too complicated, right?Didgeridoo hand painted teak wood

Along comes; Cure Your Sleep Apnea With the Didgeridoo, a program developed to cure snoring and moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Playing the didge is not like blowing into a pipe, it is very difficult. Try inhaling and exhaling at the same time, can’t do it right?

This program teaches you everything you need to know in a 21 page guide, 6 instructional videos, and bonus ebooks on overcoming insomnia and more.

You can choose to purchase the download version, or if you prefer you can also get the physical version, and all the books and videos will be shipped to your address.

The program also comes with a 8 week guarantee.

All you need is 20 minutes a day and you could be on your way to be snoring and OSA free.

You will play the didgeridoo like a pro in no time.

Here are just a few things you will receive with this program:

  • History and health benefits of the didgeridoo
  • How to do “circular breathing” on the didgeridoo
  • How to make the basic “drone” sound on the didgeridoo
  • How to make 8 advanced sounds on the didgeridoo
  • The four best exercises to practice when starting to play the didgeridoo
  • How to use your tongue when playing the didgeridoo
  • Using your cheeks to create “accents” when playing the didgeridoo
  • How long you should expect until you see results
  • And much more.

If you are tired of struggling with your CPAP machine, this might just be what you are looking for. You have nothing to lose with their money back guarantee; so get it today.

You can Click Here! to read more about the program.


Tools you need

Well apart from getting the learning program to learn how toDidgeridoo Eucalyptus play the didge, you would also need a didgeridoo of course.

The program has a section where you are taught how to choose a didgeridoo, with the emphasis on choosing the best.

I don’t believe you need the most expensive didgeridoo (like the one on the right), just a good one though.

I therefore added the quick link below for you to choose from all the didgeridoos available at Amazon.

Take a look and choose the one you want and want to afford. 🙂

List of Didgeridoos


Weird but awesome

To play the didgeridoo can definitely be regarded as alternative at best, but is also a natural way to cure snoring and sleep apnea.

Don’t be fooled though, it is a proven method to cure snoring and sleep apnea.

The program above is straight forward and easy to understand.

Does this sound like something you want to try? Let me know what you think about the idea of a music instrument curing snoring.

If you have tried everything to cure your snoring without success, or you just don’t like wearing the many snoring devices available; then learning to Play the Didgeridoo may be just what you need.

Click the link below and see why this program is a hit.


Official Site

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