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Snoring facts and cures for you


Snoring Chin Straps

Snoring Chin Straps

Snoring Chin Straps

Snoring is indeed a problem for millions of people around the world, but it shouldn’t have to be a problem with so many stop snoring devices available these days. If you can’t stand the thought of having to wear a stop snoring mouthpiece while you sleep, or even putting a nasal clip up your nose, then here is something you may prefer; a variety of Snoring Chin Straps to choose from.

I am not going to review any specific anti snoring chin strap in this article, because there are a great deal of similarities between all the deferent chin straps on the market today; and only slight differences. At the end of this article I will name the five chin straps that I consider the best.Snoring Chin Straps

A snoring chin strap could be a very good choice for anyone not interested in using a mouthpiece or nasal clip.

They are generally much cheaper than the other options, and are a very quick and easy fix to an annoying problem.

Read on to get my unbiased opinion of snoring chin straps in general, and how if at all, it can help you.


My story

I have found that with me I tend to breathe thru my mouth when I sleep, and that have mainly been causing my snoring.

As I said before; my snoring is controlled and I don’t snore too often anymore, over the years I have found things that work for me, which includes natural lifestyle changes and good anti snoring devices. Following good habits and using the best devices has certainly helped me, and it can help you too.

I found that if I can keep my mouth closed when I first get in bed, I actually fall asleep faster, my wife also told me that when my mouth is closed I don’t snore.

I am kind of a light sleeper, so I have sometimes in the past caught my wife in the early hours of the morning with her hand on my chin. At first I thought she was busy strangling me, but I soon realized what she was trying to do; close my mouth.

I got in the habit of when I get in bed I would lay on my sidePlaster with the side of my hand holding my mouth closed. I even in the past used plaster/bandaid to keep my mouth closed. Both of these things don’t really last long; my hand leaves my mouth as I fall asleep or turn, and the tape don’t last too long before it falls off.

After I found that there was actually something like snoring chin straps, I had to try it.

The result; my sleeping became better and so did my snoring, and I don’t have my wife’s hand on my throat anymore.


My Thoughts

A snoring chin strap are basically designed as follows; a base or cup for the chin to rest on, and then straps that goes around the head to the top, and which fits tightly.

The wider the straps the better, as a thin strap can be quite uncomfortable.

Now I have to be honest of course, this is a review after all.

A stop snoring chin strap can be uncomfortable at times. For it to work properly, it has to be a tight fit, which can make it feel constrained on your head. When I first used it, I actually had headaches in the mornings from all the pressure.

Once you get used to it though, it becomes easier.

The strap at the back fits tightly around your ears. So, if you tend to sleep wildly (roll around often), the chin strap could move a bit, which can cause friction on your ears, especially at the back and the earlobes.

So, for the chin strap to be most effective and least annoying, it has to stay in place, so less rolling and less nightmares.

The strap fits tightly around the chin, which can sometimes cause your teeth to clench against each other; but this does not usually happen.

Breathing can also be an issue if you are not used to only Blowing Nosebreathing through your nose, or if you don’t breathe thru your nose very well.

You can also not use a chin strap with a blocked nose, or if you have nasal problems such as a deviated septum.

So, if only breathing thru your nose is a problem for you, or if you struggle to breathe thru your nose; stay away from a chin strap. It could be dangerous.

Well, it is not all negatives though, it worked for me and it will be a good choice for all mouth based snorers.

When it is properly put on your head, it won’t come lose, and will therefore not hurt when used.

A chin strap is good and cheap option to reduce snoring; if you are able to use it. It is easy to use, and can give immediate relief.

But it is not for everyone.

You have to consider all the facts, because a chin strap is not the right device for everyone, just as a mouthpiece is not the right device for everyone.

It will greatly depend on the type of snorer you are.

If you breathe thru your mouth while asleep, it could work for you, but if you struggle to breathe thru your nose, then even if you are a mouth snorer, it is not right for you.

Like I always say; check with your doctor, don’t take chances with your health.


Who is it for?

There are basically three types of snoring; nasal snorers, tongue based snorers, and mouth snorers (aka palatal snorers).Mouth

A anti snoring chin strap will only work for mouth based snorers and could be great for tongue based snorers as well.

So, if you sleep with your mouth open, a chin strap could be a great option for your snoring.

Nasal snorers will however not get much help from a chin strap, as closing of the mouth during sleep will not make a difference.

If you can’t breathe thru your nose when sleeping, this device is also not for you.

People that have been diagnosed with sleep apnea will often be instructed to also use a chin strap together with their CPAP machine. This ensures proper airflow from the CPAP thru the nose to the lungs, as you will not be able to breathe other air thru your mouth, nor will the air from the CPAP be able to escape thru the mouth before reaching your lungs.

When you have sleep apnea, you should however only wear a snoring chin strap when you also use a CPAP.

And remember to consult your doctor!

The three main types of snoring was explained in detail in a previous article I wrote, and if you need more information about this, just click the link.


How does it work?

Snoring is caused when air is restricted through the nose and mouth because of the narrowing of airways, the narrowing could be caused by the tongue and jaw collapsing to the back of the throat.

I wrote extensively about snoring so it is not necessary to elaborate on it anymore, you are also welcome to read the article; What is Snoring.

As many people snore with their mouths open, it makes perfect sense that if you can keep your mouth closed during sleep, you should not snore or at least snore less.

The chin strap will keep your mouth closed during sleep, but will also pull your jaw up, which reduces the possibility of collapse and airway blockage.

With your mouth closed and your jaw in an upward position, the possibility of your tongue falling back into your throat, and your jaw collapsing is reduced. This will then greatly reduce the possibility of airway collapse and snoring will then be reduced or stopped.

You will even start to sleep better as you will be forced to breathe thru your nose, which normally ensures a better night’s sleep.

I have found that when I breathe thru my nose, I fall asleep much quicker. What about you, do you find breathing thru your nose better for your sleep?

A snoring chin strap can be a good alternative to a snoring mouthpiece, nose clips, nasal sprays, snoring pills, snore pillow etc.


The Choice

My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Jaw StrapMy Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Jaw Strap

Price: $39.95
Average Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Where to buy: Amazon

The My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Jaw Strap has a patented comfort fit design, for ultimate comfort.

It is made from very soft fabric, and the wider gap between the straps ensures less discomfort behind the ears.

It is currently considered the best chin strap on the market, and has been for the past two years.

The package includes a bonus sleep success package.

It is easy to use with a CPAP machine.

This chin strap will stop your snoring and ensure that you get the sleep you need; satisfaction guaranteed.

SleepWell Pro Stop Snoring Chin Strap

Chin Strap Pro
Price: $34.97
Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Where to buy: Amazon

The Sleepwell Pro Stop Snoring Chin Strap is an innovative product which is constantly being researched for improvements by its manufacturer.

It has a ergonomical design and is made of light neoprene which makes for a comfortable feel. Non-itchy solution for all night comfort.

It adjusts to the shape of the jaw, cheeks and upper head area for each person, which ensures a more proper fit.

The wide space between the straps on the side of the head, ensures less friction against the ears, which makes the chin strap more comfortable to wear.

It is easy to use with a CPAP machine.

It is engineered to provide instant relief from the first use. Wake up feeling refreshed.

100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed.

SnoreProX™ Anti-Snore Sleep Chin Strap

SnoreProX Anti-Snore Sleep Chin Strap
Price: $12.69
Average Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Where to buy: Amazon

The SnoreProX Anti-Snore Sleep Chin Strap is clinically proven to prevent snoring and increase REM sleep.

Made from soft comfortable fabric, for a non invasive fit. You will forget it is there, and get a great night’s sleep.

The patented technology create optimal jaw position that stops snoring immediately.

The adjustable Velcro ensures that the chin strap is fully adjustable to fit perfectly.

Award winner as top Anti Snoring Device.

Easy to use, as it easily fits around the chin and head.

It is easy to use with a CPAP machine.

100% No Risk No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.

SnoreShield Anti Snore Chin StrapSnoreShield Anti Snore Chin Strap

Price: $14.99
Average Customer Rating: 2.3 out of 5
Where to buy: Amazon

The SnoreShield Anti Snore Chin Strap has been clinically proven to prevent snoring and improve sleep.

A better night’s sleep means all-round better health.

Made from soft comfortable material, for a comfortable fit.

The non itch fabric will make you forget you have it on.

The Velcro straps is completely adjustable, and fit any size head.

The product comes with a money back guarantee, for peace of mind shopping.

It is easy to use with a CPAP machine.

The Original NONPAREIL Anti Snore Chin StrapThe Original Nonpareil Anti Snore Chin Strap

Price: $12.99
Average Customer Rating: 2.3 out of 5
Where to buy: Amazon

The Original NONPAREIL Anti Snore Chin Strap has helped a countless amount of people around the world with their snoring.

Engineered to give you the best possible sleep.

It is made from soft, stretchable, adjustable, and breathable material. The itch free designed chin strap fits both men and women.

Can be adjusted to fit the way you like.

Product comes with a free ebook to help you further.

It also has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so you can shop with peace of mind.

It is easy to use with a CPAP machine.

(Check for correct prices and availability at check-out, as supplier may change their prices without notice)


Conclusion – Why it’s a Good Choice?

Snoring Chin Straps can be a very good option for anyone serious about stopping their snoring. It will definitely be of benefit to anyone tired of being elbowed in the ribs.

A snoring chin strap is a cheaper option if you are looking for an anti snoring device.

Just don’t let this fool you into thinking that because it is cheap it won’t work, it works for me and will also work for you.

Snoring chin straps comes in a variety of different makes and brands, although I have only highlighted my five favorites.

Back when I had to choose a snoring strap, my wife made me choose the prettiest one, and it still worked. 🙂

It doesn’t matter which of the many snoring chin straps you choose, if you are a mouth snorer, it will be the right choice for you.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some differences between the various chin straps, such as the size of the straps and the general look of it. They may look a little different. They were however all designed to pull the jaw forward, keep your mouth closed, and thereby stopping your snoring.

And that is what I mean when I say, it doesn’t matter which one you buy, changes are you will make the right choice.

What do you think? Have you ever used a chin strap, and what was your experiences?

Have a great day, keep safe and get healthy.

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