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Snoring facts and cures for you


Snoring Risk Factors

Snoring Risk Factors

There are several snoring risk factors which can actually indicate a snorer from a non snorer. You can know by these factors whether you are likely to be snoring when others say you do. Did you know, for example, that it is estimated that between 30 and 50% of all people snore? So if there are 30 people sitting in a boring staff meeting, the chances are very good that up to 15 of them could be snoring. So at the next meeting, hold the mobile recorder handy and wait for the next manager to dose off.

The risk factors for snoring may include the following:

Being a man: Yes I know it seems we always get the raw deal, but yes, men are more likely to snore or have sleep apnea than women. It Snoring Risk Factorsprobably has something to do with the fact that men have larger pharynx than women, which unfortunately are quite susceptible to collapse.

Here is another strange fact you might not have known, men actually have less muscle tone in their upper airways than women which makes men more likely to snore and develop sleep apnea. Sorry ladies but I can’t resist this one: Women probably have stronger muscle tone in their upper airway because of all the exercise it gets from the never ending talking.(OK I guess its the couch for me tonight)

In studies done it was found that testosterone can increase the possibility of upper airway collapse, which will consequently lead to the possible developing of snoring and sleep apnea. This may also explain further why men snore more than women, as testosterone is predominantly a male hormone.

Being overweight: Overweight people are more at risk to be snorers because of the extra tissues in the throat that contribute to snoring,Get in shape and if weight is reduced it can also reduce snoring. Obesity in women seems to be the biggest influence of why women develop sleep apnea when comparing the different age groups of men and women.

Men seem to have more fat in their necks proportionally to women, and have more fat in the upper part of the tongue while women’s fat distribution seem to be more towards the lower part of the airway. This also explain why men are more inclined to snore than women, it’s a matter of genetics as mentioned above.

If you want to know what food can actually help you lose weight, you can read the article Best fat burning foods for more.

A narrow airway or nasal problem: Another risk factor of snoring is people with a narrow airway, which can be caused by such things like a long soft palate, large tonsils, nasal polyps or adenoids. Other serious conditions can also cause a narrowing Surgeryof the airway, such as a deviated septum or an expanded soft palate (uvula), and these conditions might need surgery.

Allergies or if your nose is constantly blocked can also cause a narrow airway and an increase in snoring. You probably noticed that in flu season you get more complaints about your snoring, that is because of your blocked nose you breathe through your mouth and that also causes more snoring.

In the latter instance you may benefit from a nasal clip which will certainly keep your nose open, read my Airmax Anti Snore Nasal Clip Review, to find out about the benefits.

Consumption of alcohol: This has also been mentioned on this site before, but I however need to highlight it again. You should not drink too much alcohol close to when you go to bed, as the alcohol will relax your throat muscles and tissues and cause you to snore.Consumption of Alcohol

You should therefore not drink excessive alcohol at least 2 hours, maybe even 3 hours to be safe, before going to sleep as this can increase your chances to snore. Drinking sleeping pills or other sedatives on a regular basis may lead to increased snoring in some people.

It is in the family: Snoring has been found to be hereditary and there is not much to say about this but the risk factor here is; if there is snoring in your family, you should know that it is most likely that you are too or that you will become a snorer later in your life.


What now?

So you found that some of the factors above might be affecting you, what do you do now? Well firstly, if you are a man don’t stress about

it, it does not automatically mean that you are a snorer or will become a snorer. The above is just a guide and is just meant as information because not all men snore, and there will be other risk factors that have to get ticked as well.

You probably heard this many times before; if you are overweight you should lose weight and if you consume too much alcohol you should stop bla bla bla. When people say this they make it sound so easy, but we all know it is not as easy as just saying it. The reality is unfortunately that being overweight and consuming alcohol can cause snoring, and you should make any attempt you can to make it better for yourself.Obstructive sleep apnea

If you have nasal problems that cause your airways to narrow due to some structural defect, your risk of snoring will be great and it is likely that you would need surgery, but again, it is important that you consult your doctor immediately to get professional treatments. Do not hesitate to see your doctor about anything you read today, there is no substitute for a proper medical examination.

Is there something else you consider a snoring risk factor? Let me know, or leave any comment about the snoring risk factors mentioned above, I would love to hear from you.

Be safe, take care of yourself and get healthy.



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