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Stop Snoring Exercise Program Review

Stop Snoring Exercise Program Review

Looking for an alternative way to cure your snoring? You might have just found a way to do just that, and you don’t even need any additional devices. The Stop Snoring Exercise Program was designed to cure snoring the natural way.

I found this program purely by accident while I was writing my article Throat Muscle Exercises.

This program comes with the big promise of curing snoring the natural way, without using any fancy devices or harmful medicines.

After reading up on it and trying a few of the exercises, I must say, I was impressed.

This Stop Snoring Exercise Program Review will attempt to show you exactly why I was impressed. So read on, you won’t be sorry.


How it all started

Christian Goodman is the creator of the Stop Snoring ExerciseStop Snoring Exercise Program Review Program. The program is part of Blue Heron Health News, which were founded in 1999, and which also publishes other high quality natural health information in many different health fields.

The snoring program was developed because as a snorer he was always frustrated and embarrassed by his snoring and the effect it had on other people around him.

From a young age none of his friends wanted to sleep in the same room as him, because they knew they would not be able to sleep.

As a newly married man he felt ashamed that his snoring was keeping his wife awake at night.

That actually sounds kind of familiar to me.

He started reading about snoring, actually anything he could find.

He consulted many doctors and specialists!

Nothing and no one was able to cure his snoring; so he decided to do it himself.

Well actually his wife gave him the inspiration. She is a classical singer who follows and teaches her students a exercise routine to keep airways open; to become better singers.

You probably read or heard somewhere that singing is actually a good alternative way to cure snoring.

He learned the different exercises and with the help of doctors he changed the singing exercises to focus on specific snoring problems.

And so, the Stop Snoring Exercise Program from Blue Heron Health News was born.


How it works

The program first diagnoses your snoring problem and then gives you an easy to follow and illustrated program full of techniques and 24 exercises, which have been proven to help with snoring.

This program uses exercises and other techniques to strengthen and tighten weak tissue and muscles in the throat and upper airway, which are often the main cause of snoring.

You can select one of seven individual programs to use if your time is limited, after your snoring is diagnosed with the program. One individual program can take as little as 3 minutes a day.

Of course, some of the throat exercises are best done behind closed doors, because you will look silly while doing them. 🙂

This program will also teach and show you the following:

  • How to strengthen the tongueMouth Exercises
  • Exercises for a narrow throat
  • Exercises for nasal blockage
  • Some great breathing exercises
  • Everyday items that can help you to exercise
  • Easy to follow natural everyday habits to cure snoring
  • Information about a weak jaw
  • Information about the soft palate

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Snoring is caused as a result of a collapsed airway, because of weakened throat muscles.

As you sleep the muscles in your throat start relaxing, and if not strong enough, can collapse to narrow your airway; and then cause you to snore.

So if you are able to strengthen these throat muscles, and prevent them from collapsing so easily, you should be able to have strong enough throat muscle to keep the airway open while sleeping.


My thoughts

While mouthpieces, nasal clips, chin straps and many other anti snoring devices are good options for many people, there are also many people not willing or able to wear them.

The Stop Snoring Exercise Program could be a great alternative for these people.

So, if you don’t like the thought of a mouthpiece in your mouth the whole night, or a nose clip up your nose, this program could be a great alternative to cure your snoring.

The exercises are easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time.

The program is also available to download on audio CD, to easily do the exercises anywhere, even in the car on the way to work.

The program can be highly recommended for anyone serious about stopping their snoring, and who would rather not wear another stop snoring device.One Hundred Percent

The program is priced at $49.00 and includes a 100% money back guarantee, and great after sales service and support from the creator.

This price is actually cheaper than some of the best mouthpieces available on the market, so it is still worth it in my opinion to try something different.

The product site is actually full of rave reviews from happy users of the program, which was actually a big selling point for me.

Remember, for anything I write on this site, I always say that it will depend on each person individually. It depends on many things, such as the amount of effort you put in, but also on the type of cure. Not everything on the market will work for everybody. Although this program cures snoring the natural way, it may not work for everybody. It is unfortunately how it goes, many people actually do need to use a snoring device, or even undergo surgery.

Always check with your doctor.

Have you ever tried alternative means of curing your snoring, and what was the result? Please leave your comments below, it could be of great help to others.

I hope you found this Stop Snoring Exercise Program Review helpful to decide whether to try the program or not.

So go ahead, click on the picture or ‘Stop Snoring’ button below to read more about this program, and then decide if you are also impressed like I was.


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