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Snoring facts and cures for you


Treatment for snoring

Treatment for snoring

There are mainly two reasons why people look for treatment for snoring, one reason could be for medical reasons when their snoring is Snoring Partneraffecting their health and they have no choice but to seek medical help, the other reason is where their snoring does not affect their health but it does bother their sleeping partner and they are trying to basically safe their relationship.

The decision on what treatment for snoring is best will depend on what you wish to achieve. If, for example, you are only trying to make your partner happy, then reducing the noise level of your snoring will already be classified as a success.

On the other hand, if your partner is a light sleeper, a reduction in noise will not be a sufficient result. If you suffer from serious snoring or even Obstructive Sleep Apnea, then the result you are searching for with a snoring treatment could possibly be to achieve a complete cure.

Every person’s success rate will therefore differ depending on what they were trying to achieve. Also bear in mind that a remedy that works for one person may not work for you, every person is different. You may need to be patient while you search for what works for you.

No matter what your reason may be for reading this, there is some very good treatment available. Some will require minimum effort on your part, while the most serious cases could involve surgery.

Snoring treatments available

  • Natural cures for snoring: The first treatment for snoring could be as easy as simple lifestyle changes that you can make. This includeGyming things like; losing weight, consuming less alcohol before bedtime, reducing or stopping of smoking, sleeping on your side, and many other things. I already wrote an article about this subject, and you are welcome to read; How to stop snoring.
  • Anti snoring mouthpieces: Some people could find great benefit in using an oral appliance when they go to bed. Mouthpieces have been used with great success as a treatment for snoring for many years, and you actually get many different types of stop snoring mouthpieces. They can be very effective in reducing snoring in mild to medium cases, and work by lifting up your lower jaw or pulling your tongue forward, which opens the airway and reduces or eliminates snoring.
  • Other devices and treatments: There are also a multitude of other devices and treatments which may also work for you; it is a matter of trying to see what works. These could include nasal clips, nasal strips, chin straps, medicine, and even some alternative treatments such as hypnosis, singing and playing the didgeridoo. Check out my Airmax Anti Snore Nasal Clips Review, also see the short product reviews in my store of the other mentioned items if you wish.
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP): The CPAP is very effective in curing snoring and treating sleep apnea, but many people find it an uncomfortable appliance to wear. You wear a mask over your nose which is attached to a pump that forces air through your nose and airways. The CPAP is generally considered the best treatment for OSA, but like I said, it is also accepted to not be the most comfortable.
  • Palatal Implants: This procedure is also known as the pillar procedure. In this procedure small plastic implants are injected into the soft palate. A kind of botox implant for your throat. This causes the soft palate to stiffen which reduces snoring, because of the reduced vibration.
  • Traditional Surgery: This procedure is called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), and is done under general anesthetics. The doctor willTreatment for Snoring remove tissues and correct all abnormalities, and therefore tighten your throat muscles and tissues. As we now, if your throat muscles and tissues can tighten up, the vibration will be reduced which will then be an effective treatment for snoring.
  • Laser Surgery: In laser assisted uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (LAUP), parts of the soft palate is removed as excess tissue is taken away, which enlarges the airway and reduces snoring. This procedure is still relatively new and studies are still being done to test its safety and effectiveness.
  • Radiofrequency tissue ablation: In this procedure low intensity radio frequency signals are used to reduce the tissue in the soft palate which can reduce snoring. As with laser surgery, this procedure is still relatively new.


Make the right choice

As I said in my introduction, there are indeed a lot of treatments available to reduce or even stop snoring, and it is up to you to choose the best solution for you. Some of the treatments for snoring, such as laser surgery and palatal implants are not suitable if you suffer from OSA, and you should definitely seek medical advice in this regard.

Negative and positiveYou should only consider the more extreme treatments, such as surgery and those mentioned in the last four, if you have tried some of the other choices without success. Also if you’re snoring is having a huge effect on the quality of your life. Surgery should be considered as the last resort, and not the first choice.

If you are looking for any treatment for snoring, I hope I made it a little easier for you, by giving you options. Just also remember that if you suffer from a serious snoring condition you should treat this article as information, but still seek medical advice. I will never try to take the place of your doctor, and this information is therefore not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Have you had any treatment for your snoring, let me know how it went and if it helped.



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