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Snoring facts and cures for you



If it’s snoring and sleep apnea information you need then you came to the right place. If you are looking for someone to talk too about your snoring or that of your partner, then you also came to the right place. I am a snorer and recently discovered that my wife also snores, so I can give you first hand information of how we cope with snoring and in fact managed to control our snoring.


What’s on this site?

Woman iconsYou will find everything you need on this website to help you control and even cure your snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

  • Snoring: Everything snoring related can be found here, with new article being added regularly. I have been a snorer for many many years, and I aim with the snoring menu, and this site in general, to give you helpful advice about snoring and how to deal with it.
  • Sleep Apnea: Everything Sleep Apnea related can be found here.
  • Sleep: Everything related to sleep, such as how to get a good night’s sleep and what food affects your sleep.
  • General Articles: All general material including health matters will be found here. Losing weight is an important aspect to alleviate snoring and sleep apnea, and therefore the inclusion of this menu.
  • Snoring Sounds: So, what do other people hear when you are in dreamland? This menu is aimed at just having some fun with ourselves, the World is serious enough. So I dare you to find your number, or add your own. Yes, my snoring sound is also there. 🙂
  • The Lighter Side: Again, this menu is intended to poke fun at us; the snorers. So have a look and I hope it puts a smile on your face as it did mine. Snoring Jokes, Snoring One Liners.
  • Products: Here you will find helpful product reviews for products available on the market that can help you to stop snoring.School Calculator
  • Rest of front page: There is a search link which is helpful if you need help on a specific topic. Several shortcut links can be found on the right side of the page. An important part of this page is the BMI calculator at the bottom right, which will help to determine your optimum weight.

So, What is Snoring?

As a summary, the first paragraph of one of my articles is repeated as follows; ‘In plain terms; snoring is the sound made while sleeping when air movement is obstructed. In other words; snoring is when air is restricted through the nose and mouth because of the narrowing of airways. The resulted sound could be soft, imitating more of a loud breathing, but the sounds can also be loud and unpleasant for those who have to hear it.’

Hence the name

NameplateSo what’s in a name, more to the point; why StoptheRumble? Well, probably because Stopsawinglogs sounds like a carpentry site, and because StopSnoring is frankly; a bit boring.

The snoring sound is compared to the sound of sawing logs, and to the sound that thunder makes when amplified, a rumbling sound. Hence the name; StoptheRumble.


Picture this……

So imagine this scenario; you manage to finally drag yourself to bed at around 00H30 after a long day of hard work. You hold two jobs to Working Hardkeep the cupboards full of food and cloths on every one’s back. So when you get back home at around midnight after working your second job, your wife and two kids are already fast asleep. You get your food in the microwave where your wife graciously leaves it for you every night. You eat it down very quickly and there is barely time to take a breath, because at 6 o’clock you have to get up again for your daytime work. On the way to your room, you pass the kids to give them a kiss goodnight. A quick visit to the bathroom and you gently get in bed, being extra careful not to wake your wife. As per normal, you lie a bit on your back to reflect on the day and to start dosing off, and then you turn on your side ready to fall asleep. It only takes a few minutes for you to fall asleep, as you are normally exhausted by the time you get to bed. Just before you are fast asleep it happens; that all familiar rumbling sound the sound that can make grown men cry. NOT AGAIN!!! Just your luck, your wife is snoring…..again!Whatever

Now this scenario could be a little different for you. In most cases the snorer will be the man (sorry guys), as snoring mostly occurs in men. It does happen however that women do snore, and I know this because the above example is very close to home. 😉

So to be fair lets imagine another short scenario; you are fast asleep next to your husband/boyfriend, when you suddenly get woken by this awful loud rumbling sound. It sounds as if somebody is trying to break into your house with a wooden saw. After a few seconds of being completely disorientated, you realize it is your bloody man that is snoring…..again!

So, are you in any of these pictures? Changes are the answer is yes, because firstly; snoring affects between 30% and 50% of all people, according to some studies done, and secondly; if you are reading this you are probably here looking for answers. 🙂





Snoring can indeed be a nuisance to many people and in many families. I am sure like many other people you also have stories of a family vacation which turned into a sleepless nightmare, because of a snoring uncle/grandfather or even aunt/grandmother. Or maybe you are the one doing the snoring, whatever the story you are always welcome here.

Please help meWhether you are looking for information or help regarding cures, tips, causes, sleep apnea, and many other helpful information, you came to the right place. Snoring does not need to be a nuisance in your life or the life of someone you know for the rest of your life. We are fortunate that we live in an age where there are many cures on the market, and these cures could be as simple as making some lifestyle changes, to buying some ‘stop snoring’ products, and even to the extreme of surgery.

There is always something that can be tried, and I hope you will allow me the opportunity to help you gain the knowledge that will show you what you can do to make life better for you. You need to take the first step of accepting that you need help with your snoring.

Just remember, I have a history with snoring and I know how you feel and I will always be available to listen when you need help and will be available to give advice when you may need it. Please leave any comments below.

Be safe, take care of yourself and get healthy.

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