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Snoring facts and cures for you


What is snoring

What is snoring

So what is snoring, you may ask? In plain terms; snoring is the sound made while sleeping when air movement is obstructed. In other What is Snoringwords; snoring is when air is restricted through the nose and mouth because of the narrowing of airways.

The resulted sound could be soft, imitating more of a loud breathing, but the sounds can also be loud and unpleasant for those who have to hear it.

Some snoring sounds comes from the nose, the back of the throat, and others may start from the back of the tongue. In other words; nasal snorers, tongue based snorers, and mouth snorers (palatal snorers).

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The sound comes from the vibration of the soft palate and other tissues in the mouth, nose and throat. In more technical terms; the snoring sound is most often caused by the vibration of the soft palate and the uvula, showed in the picture.

The muscles of your throat relax when you sleep, and your throat becomes naturally constricted. This constriction is however more prevalent in people who are affected by certain conditions. As you breathe, the walls of the throat begin to vibrate especially when you breathe in. The more constricted or narrow the airway, the greater the vibration will be and the louder the snoring will be. This narrowing of the airways could be due to a partial blockage that may be located anywhere in the throat up to the nose.

Sometimes the walls of the throat collapse so much that it could be almost completely constricted and narrow, which creates a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Sleep apnea can be identified by loud snoring which is then followed by periods when breathing can stop or nearly stop, causing the person to wake up and gasp for air or even snort. If you suspect that you might have this serious condition, you should immediately seek medical attention.

Watch the video below for a summary of the topic.


Who snores?

Snoring is actually very common in men and it is almost assumed that most men do snore. It is unfairly judged that it is not ladylike for woman to be considered as snorers, but it is however a fact that snoring affect both male and female. Yes it is also true that men in general are more likely to snore than woman.

Snoring also becomes more prevalent the older a person gets, because of the natural relaxing of the throat muscles. Snoring can disrupt your own sleep and your bed-partner’s sleep, leading to unnecessary arguments and conflict. It can also harm and reduce your sleeping period which can lead to poor daytime function (tiredness and sleepiness).


Make a choice

It is a fact that you cannot go to bed tonight and decide that you are not going to snore from now on. You can however make the decision What?to firstly admit that you do snore, and then take the initiative to look up all the causes of snoring. Then find a way to cure or maybe even reduce your snoring. It is also important to cope with the effects of snoring when you are in a relationship.

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I am sure if you are asked; what is snoring, you will now after reading this article be able to answer this question. Did this article answer some of your questions? I hope you found it informative and that it helped you. Please leave your comments below if you have anything to add or have something to ask.



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